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Professional Skin Care Formula (Part 3: Seminar your Beauty and Brain)

October 15, 2014

(Continuation from Part2: Dr. Alvin)

We were all born beautiful babies. It is because apart from our cute little size our skin is irresistably fresh and unblemished.  But as we age, changes happen.   With the passage of time that inborn beauty seemed to have been lost by some, while the others bloomed further.   The difference? The later learns the right way of caring for their skin.  We can then aptly say that beauty is in the mind.
Having beauty in mind, Professional Skin Care Formula by Dr. Alvin R. Matulac hold seminars on beauty and product knowledge.  Apart from company and product orientation, the seminar gives basic medical or health facts on skin, enabling product users to care for their skin as experts would or for retailers/distributors to train their customers like a pro. I for one find this seminar quite efficiently empowering that immediately after, I have an eye on skin of anyone and match them with proper skin care products. It is awesome indeed: Professional Skin Care Formula seminar is your BEAUTY AND BRAIN.
(To be Continued. Part 4: Light Up The Beauty in You

( TO be continued… Part 2: Dr. Alvin R. Matulac)

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