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True Meaning of Christmas thru CSR

December 26, 2016

Corporate Social Responsibility


“You make a  living by what you get, but you make a life by what you give ” – Winston  Churchill

NovaMars Marketing, authorized  distributor of #Professional_Skin_Care_Formula by Dr. Alvin sa #Quezon_Province District#1 thanks  #Rotary Club Tiaong Hiyas and Sikkap Pwd Tiaong for being part of living the true meaning of Christmas  2016 by giving joy to the poor and disabled .

Gift Giving Christmas 2016


Christmas Party 2016


Both organization gave me opportunity to fulfill my Corporate Social Responsibility.  May this be the first step in paving the way to a much long term commitment in serving humanity.

Translated in Pilipino

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Familial Relations

February 27, 2010

“In this call to remain cheerful despite the odds, the road has indeed been bumpy and rocky since 1998… yet once in a while God sends some friends who unknowingly turn it into such a delightful joyride… and in those moments it became effortless to smile. It was a fun 2009.”

This is the status I have posted in my facebook as I said goodbye to 2009 as an expression of gratitude to those who unconsciously been God’s instrument for me to totally get out of the nauseating cyclone. Thus, when one time asked, “How did you manage to get out?” I answered, “When we started organizing A-MT90 and MT90 get-togethers.” Yes, A-MT90 and MT90 get-togethers had made it easier for me to smile amidst the strong gravitational pull to frown. So, you can only imagine how my face lighted up when this SMS came:

“Kenneth Anthony ‘Piolo’ Matulac turns 1 on Sunday, January 17, 2010, 11AM, City Best Seafood Garden Restaurant 148 Tomas Morato cor Scout Gandia St., Quezon City. RSVP 0920******* See you there.” — 10/1/2010 09:21:16AM Alvin Matulac

A surge of endorphins went rushing through the synapses, eliciting excitement that innervated my right thumb to tap the I, a, m, c, o, m, i, n, g, ., C, y, a, ! and “send” buttons on my cellphone because I knew that such event will also be an MT90 get-together. Since then, I wake up each morning with a lateral crescent moon above my chin.

Part I: Joy Ride

Following a long tiring Saturday class in Graduate school, is an exciting yet gentle sound of my cellphone alarm at 6:00AM. In a jiff did I push the sound off so as not to awaken my roommates from their most treasured sleep. Moving like a thief, I put on my clothes with a humming of a song in my head. An hour later, I walked out of the house and boarded the bus that is bound to Cubao. After I have paid my fair, I pulled out from my bag a small magazine to read. Among the several words that were written is a line that I find worth noting:

“Good relationships are buffers against the damaging effects of all life’s inevitable letdowns and setbacks.”

“My Secret to Happiness”
Pat Livingston
Catholic Digest

Indeed, in this era where time becomes a most available yet limited commodity, relationships are very much placed in jeopardy. Work which originally is meant to sustain the needs of the family, for many, had posts as competitor that drifts the family apart. More so, for OFWs where time is even far more robbed off by setting them distance apart from their families. Yet humanities are not left helpless, for what lies imprinted in their every fiber is their being social in nature. It is in this social aspect that each individual forms a bound with another to establish a support unit rising into another relationship which seemed to serve as an extended family, we call friendship. In the context of friendship life’s journey becomes a delightful joyride.

By 10:30 AM, my pondering is interrupted by the bus conductor’s call: “Kamias!” Thus, I pulled up my bag to hurriedly set my feet on a busy road of EDSA. Soon enough a taxi was caught in sight and so I wave a lift and hence I ride. I then scooped out my mobile phone to read out the destination to which I will alight. A quarter of an hour after, I reached my goal.

Part 2: Ground Breaking

It was not at all difficult to find the place because the streets of Tomas Morato and Scout Gandia are well installed with sign posts. Besides, a corner is an exact point easily recognizable. I soon spotted the name of the restaurant and hence walked along the entrance hallway. At the end of the hallway is a wide function room divided for three events. So as not to gate crush another event, I approached an usher and she pointed to the middle part that is dominatingly red and fully decorated with balloons. Scanning the place, the empty tables strongly suggests that I came very early. Nevertheless, it only makes it easier to find the host Alvin whom I caught directing the event staffs around. Upon seeing me he immediately introduced me to his mother, who in turn gladly receive and engaged me in a conversation. Subsequent to knowing that I came all the way from Quezon, she immediately tries to strike a common ground through inquiries of her colleagues residing in Sariaya, Quezon. Sadly however, all the names she mentioned did not ring any bell. A generation gap, I would say. Nevertheless, such a conversation became a good ground breaking moment for some of the Matulac’s current and basic info be encapsulated and buried in my gray matters.


Part 3: Little Heroes against Killing Time

A few minutes later, relatives of Alvin started coming in. Aware of the duty that Dra. Matulac must welcome them; I cheerfully excuse myself in order to take pictures of Alvin’s two little girls: Charmaine (if I remember right) and Angel, the small and female version of Alvin. Garbed in wonder woman costume, the two little girls looked so adorable; I couldn’t resist taking pictures of them. Then, there came Alvin’s wife with the birthday boy Kenneth. Foreseeing the fact that Kenneth will be too busy later for a photo shoot with me, I ran after the yaya carrying him and begged that I take a close photo with him. Despite elusive, I was quite successful in taking a digital image of a one year old boy wearing a superman suite. Shortly afterwards, the official photographer called on the nanny to bring the boy to the stage for a photo shoot. I tail along for some shots of the little superhero with his doting parents and sisters. That time, the kids became my little heroes that prevented me from killing time.

Part 4: Table Talk

As we approach middle of the day, visitors started to swarm, so are my classmates. If my memory serves me right, it was Joy Ramos-Igarta who was the first among my classmates to arrive, she is accompanied by her husband Hector. Then Rowena Lim, followed by Jacqueline Mariano with two kids arrived. As the food started pouring in, Michael Lui came in with his wife and kids, followed by Judith Mendoza-Torda who incredibly brought along her four kids all the way from Lipa, Batanggas. Much later, Rosalee Eng-Doctor came with her sister, daughter and husband. Rosallee however, had to take the other table because ours were already filled. Judith on the otherhand, was compelled to stay with her son at the kids’ table. At the start of the kid’s game, so are our lunches (Yes, lunches because it is like an unlimited load). Before a “very” lazy susan (turn table), Jacquie gave a “hyper-active” table talk. As the food is endlessly laid on our tables, so did Jacque fill the air with her funny war stories. For a time I felt like a journalist attending a press conference with Annabel Rama. As we reached the popping point of our waist buttons, our eyes got glued to the spell binding performance of the magician’s hand. All the guests, even that of neighboring function room got their gaze hooked in the hope to discover the trick behind the illusions. But the magician proved that he can move faster than our mind can process and so our hands were moved to clap. Later, when the magician bade his goodbye the guests were also beginning to bid adieu. So in haste did I approach another table where Joy said a batch mate is seated. I tapped her at the shoulder, introduced myself and so did she. She happened to be Bejette Mallari of Section B-MT90. Upon getting to know this basic information, I immediately mention two B-MT90 based in Quezon: Mapi Matias and Nixon Cabo Chanpongco. Hearing of them she became more comfortable to consent to having her photo taken with me and so we posed. Unfortunately, I feel I have taken much of her time from her companion that I did not further extend my conversation with her to get her contact details and so I went back to my classmates. Nevertheless, that brief moment of meeting another batch-mate and a picture with her is a bonus enough that may even give delight to other batch-mates. Together with my classmates, we decided to stay longer so that we can have a few time with Alvin. By 3:30 PM, we all bid our farewells.

Part 5: Reflection on Family

It is quite refreshing to see friends bring along their family to take part of the celebration of another family. It is in these gatherings where I see my batch-mate not as how we were back in college but as how they are now… as parents who had gone a long way and has grown wise with it. I have seen how Judith who despite her size amazes me with her dedication for her four kids; Jacquie wonder mom; Rosalee, deity of sweetness to her sister and daughter; Rowena is super in understanding; Michael Lui, a non-exacting father and Alvin a generous one. As for Joy who is not yet a mother, her unity with her spouse is an aura of a harmony.

It is in reflecting a family that I get to understand the image of God as a Family, a communion of Divine Persons: The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit. It is in the context of a family that I get to comprehend deeper God’s paternal love, Jesus filial love and the Holy Spirit who is the “spiration” of their Love. It is in the life of the family do I see how the Blessed Trinity shares his intimate joy emanating from the relational love of the Divine Persons. It is in these context did I made a firm decision to go back to my hometown, stay with my family and open my heart and mind to the possibility of forming a family of my own. It is in the framework of a family that I get to encounter God the most.

Contemplating on theis line did I get to understand the relevance of this get-together for me. It is to have a glimpse on the different manners by which the Blessed Trinity dwells in the life of my batch mates’ family.

Part 6:  Picture Gallery (click on photo for better view)

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