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Puerto Princesa ( Part 3: Angel in Your Pocket )

October 28, 2014

(Continuation from Part2)

Checking in at A&A Plaza Hotel,  one will already grasp a Chinoy spirit.  Behind the counter, garbed in Chinese red suit are Filipinos flashing their angelic smile.  After filling up the form , the frontdesk clerk handed the magnetic card. Something caught my attention. With the recognition of Puerto Princesa’s Underground River as one of 7 Wonders of Nature, A&A Plaza Hotel has put more details into some items. First, their logo now is set in front of some the beautiful scenery of Puerto Princesa. It looked like a pair of wings guarding a paradise. Then, when they handed me the key card inserted in a casing, a cute surprise greeted me. The card jacket is a pop-up card of a small faceless family waving, standing in front of the St. Paul Subterranean River. Such a detail really makes you want to put your ID picture into it and post in travel diary as a souvenir. There are few more details in that card case: the usual free breakfast coupon stapled safely at the card slit ; important house rules written at the inner right page and card slit flap; and basic important hotel service facilities at the back page. In that pocket size (8×12 centimeters) card A&A Plaza Hotel guest can already have key card, breakfast coupon, basic house rules, basic hotel service facilities information and a souvenir kept in their wallet. It is more than a smart card; it is an Angel in Your pocket.

Continuation: Part 4: Angel of Paradise

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