November 5, 2014

(Continuation from Part 3: Your Beauty and Brain )

A 96 km bus ride is not so long a distance when you feel there is something beautiful instore for you. Tiredness dissipates as I recall the joy emanating from the flawless skin of staff and clients of Professional Skin Care Formula by Dr. Alvin. Fired by hope that I too can have that beautiful skin, I then gazed to the sky and declared to the stars ” I am engaging myself to a 30 days Skin Beauty Challenge”

The 30 Days Beauty Skin Challenge

Waking up with a goal brings excitement into the day. The Skin Beauty Challenge with Rejuvenating Kit and Placenta Cream of Professional Skin Care Formula by Dr. Alvin makes me feels like a new chapter is beginning.
The first day is already a feeling of tightening of the skin. The second and third day are a slight prickling with Kojic soap, which ceased on the fourth day onward (perhaps a period of adjustment) The fifth day, the people around me begin to say “hey, you are beginning to have a healthy glow on your skin.” The second week I begin to hear “you are looking great!” On the 30th the comments became: “What skin product are you using and how much?” plus they even called the attention of their friends around to have a check on my skin.” That was like a crowning moment for my skin.

I may not look like a Beauty Queen, but a beautiuful skin made me feel like I won the crown. Wearing a vibrant younger looking skin elicits a smile from anyone I came across with. Seeing smile after smile after smile charged me up with a beautiful perspective in life. Emanating from that beautiful life unfolding before me, I now cheerfully claim “Professional Skin Care Formula by Dr.Alvin, lights up the beauty in you.”

Before and After Rejuvenating Set

( TO be continued… Part 2: Dr. Alvin R. Matulac)

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