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Professional Skin Care Formula (Part 1: A Beautiful Future)

September 29, 2014

Introduction The phone has been buzzing lately.  No, it is not due to calls nor due to messages but it is due to incoming notifications.  With fluctuating signal that I struggle to view each comment posted in my blog, “ARMfully Beautiful. “

image It is quite surprising that these comments were made for something I have written five years ago.   It is only then that I realised the edge that a blog can have over a printed write – up ( a blog remains circulating over years and appears in search engine over a long period of time).  It is a pity though that I have a very little information to offer.   So I decided to text the right person about it.   Afterall it’s about him, his company and his products— Professional Skin Care Formula manufactured by ARM Skin Essentials founded by Dr. Alvin R. Matulac


Renewed Relations It has been a couple of years perhaps since the last time I spoke to my classmate Alvin.  That time the topic was not even about his product but about a classmate who needed help.  Having  long found my comfort zone in the province,  I have given up making trips to Manila.  All the more did that separate me from him and his products.   Although his product is  proven effective to which I could really testify, the long travel and jammed traffic is quite disgusting.   I could only hope that his products will find its way here. Yet, God work in magical ways.  To pursue my spiritual growth,  the need to confront the 96 km travel became a inevitable.   It is while hiting those congested road did my blog starts to get some hits too.  Moreover, it even picked up some traffic, the kind that gives me great pleasure than dismay. image This joy soon translates into gratitude that my fingers were driven to pull out the stylus pen and tap it on the touch screen.   Apart from replying to comments,  I also texted Alvin.  Soon a reply from him flashed from my screen with the hint of renewing ties. Fear Not, It’s a Blessing After my regular spiritual Sunday commitment, I opted to stay for a night at my brother’s house to save on travel expenses. The following day, despite apprehension over right jeep, landmark, and reaching Alvin’s office on time, I took the street at 11 am even though our meeting is still at 1pm. I know I need to confront this fear or I might lose a beautiful opportunity knocking at my door. I notify Alvin via text that am on my way so in case am late, traffic jam can be assumed as the culprit. Along Taft avenue at La Salle area, there is no Project 8 jeep in sight . So after 15 minutes of figuring that out, I took that jeep van going to SM Fairview—the nearest ride I can find. From the driver I was told that the cost is 35 Php. At 12:00PM, I am still in Morayta area so once again I texted Alvin that I might be late. Alvin gave a positive reply that gave me a great relief… furthermore he gave away a new landmark: Fishermall. Upon arriving at that place, I got off and then opted to take a taxi instead of Project 8 jeep. Thanks to GPS I arrived without gehtting lost. I thought then that if things are going in its place, it must really be a blessing coming from God. A Beautiful Future

Entering the shop of Professional Skin Care Formula, is a room filled with busy entrepreneurs picking up their ordered products. But, what I find amusing and amazing is that these clients and staffs are pleasingly flawless. Need I look for more hard evidence? Their beautiful skin already speak of the effectiveness, reliability and credibility of their skin care products. The sight of them made me think “What a beautiful future me. ” ( TO be continued… Part 2: Dr. Alvin R. Matulac)

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