Carry Me to Boracay


While there are 7,102 islands in the Philippines, it may be difficult to find reasons to visit Boracay again. Yet with the recent rehabilitation efforts made, it is worth a try. So to get the maximum benefit of my money and other resources, I thought of bringing my carry me bike sd.

Packing my carry me bike sd as a check in laguage is no hassle. With the help of cling wrap, I simply surround it with re-used styropore and wrapped it with a re-cycled cardboard. I however made the rolling wheels protuding for easy transport while not yet in-use. For safety reason however, I deflated the wheels so it won’t burst like the released ballons to the sky.

Rolling carry me bike is an eye catcher. Hidden inside a recycled cardboard tightened by a clingwrap with a protuding rolling wheels makes heads turn at the mystery of the package…

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