Oatmeal Soap with Honey

“Swim your fears away.”
Enjoy summer and swim with confidence.  Use #Oatmeal_Soap_with_Honey, an Ancient Egyptian Beautywise formula,  that remains to be scientifically effective to this date.  A product of #Professional_Skin_Care_Formula by Dr. Alvin, is fully  packed with natural oatmeal and honey, for a double strength  emollient/moisturising and anti-oxidant action on your skin. Moreover,  oatmeal relieves skin itchiness,  has anti-inflamtory property and reduces skin pores.  Still more, honey has natural anti-bacterial property that treats acne and prevents bacterial irritation.  With Oatmeal Soap with Honey of Professional Skincare Formula by Dr.  Alvin, your skin will be SMOOTH, SOFT and SUPPLE.     Thus,  be it in chlorinated pool,  natural spring river and sea salt water, you CAN SWIM YOUR FEARS AWAY.  

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#Cleansing_Milk_With_Honey #Sunblock_Foundation_Lotion_Tan 
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#ProfessionalSkinCareFormula by Dr. Alvin

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