GRADUATE with Confidently Beautiful Skin 

March is the month of marching academic victory. Although many of schools and Universities here in Philippines, had changed their School Term schedule,  still many follow the same June to March term.    Hence,  this Month, many students are now anticipating to claim their achievements.

Yet,  are you prepare enough  to face the harsh intense heat or effects of make up on skin?

Professional Skin Care Formula by Dr. Alvin is ready to prepare and accompany you to celebrate this success.

A. Prevention to Skin Damage

Graduating students are exposed to harsh make-up chemicals, intense light and heat. These factors can lead to wrinkles, pimples, dark spots etc. Moreover, it has been observed that make-up artists uses the same sponge or brushes to all their clients on that day. To prevent skin  damage, we recommend the following PCSF by Dr. Alvin products:

A.1. SOAP Choices :

Tea Tree; Calamansi; Guava

A.1.a. Tea Tree Soap. An herbal antiseptic that fights bacteria.
A.1.b. Vitamin C or Calamansi Soap. Your citrus way to boost skin immune system.

A.1.c. Guava Soap. Is your Filipino way to antiseptic. Guava is your conformable way to skin protection.

A.2. Toners:

ATS and AB Pore Minimizer

A.2.a. ATS, an antiseptic topical solution that kills acne causing bacteria.

A.2.b. AB Pore Minimizer, is a pore cleansing and antiseptic solution that fights bacteria.

A.3.  Vitamin C Serum image“>Vitamin C Serum is your night vitamin to boost up your immune system in the skin and aid in the production of collagen (destroyed when skin is exposed to intense heat).  Vitamin C Serum keeps  your skin vibrant and young.
B. UV Protection: Sunblock Cream/Gel or Lotion

Graduating students are usually exposed to intense heat or UV rays of camera light or heat of the Philippune weather . To prevent burns, dark spots, early aging or wrinkles, an application of Sunblock every two hours is highly recommended

C. Make-up

With UV protection

Placenta Cream Foundation and Oil Control Face Powder

C.1. Placenta Cream Foundation : is a  4 in 1 cream that acts as moisturizer, anti-wrinkle, make up base, and an spf20+++ sunscreen. 

C.2 Oil Control Face Powder. For a non-greesy face that ruins your picture image, Oil Control Face Powder does the trick. It leaves a matte finish and serves as sunscreen. Apply every two hours for continuous protection.

D. Others

D.1 Olive Oil Mist: for a shiny healthy hair look. It can also be sprayed to your skin from time to time to keep your skin feel and smell fresh throughout long graduation program.

D.2. Under Arm Whitening Roll On, keeps you dry the whole day and night

D.3. Lotions: Moisturizer and Whitening:

Olive and Milk Lotions, Goats Milk Lotions, Glutathione Lotion, and Papaya and Milk Lotion.

Given all the choices above, you can really feel that
Professional Skin Care Formula by Dr. Alvin is there to celebrate with you.

Congratulations Graduates!

Pilipino Version 

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