The Skin Vitamin

What is an effective skin care maintainance that is safe to apply on skin around the eyes and can be used by pregnant women?

Vitamin C Serum ng Professional Skin Care Formula by Dr. Alvin . It is prepared with concentrated Vitamin that works as anti-oxidant thereby preventing skin damage.


Reminders: Whenever applying on skin around the eyes make sure that you eyes are closed. Yet, if however, it accidentally touches the eyes, immediately wash with clean tap water.

What is an anti-oxidant?

An anti-oxidant helps prevent formation of free radicals or charged oxygen which burns collagen of the skin.

What is Collagen?

A collagen is an elastic protein in the skin that binds the cells and tissue together thereby maintaing the plumpness of skin. The continues replacement of collagen prevents early signs of aging such as wrinkles.

What benefits do our skin gets from Vitamin C serum?

Exposure to heat/sun/uv rays can destroy or burn the collagen in our skin. Like frying a bacon this can lead to wrinkles. As we age however, collagen production and replacement slows down and consequently, wrinkles starts showing up on our skin. When Vitamin C serum is applied to the skin, the production of collagen is promoted . Apart from this, like the flesh of an apple that is prevented from browning when soaked in cutrus juice, Vitamin C prevents or lighten age spots and even out skin tone. If used regularly for a long time, Vitamin C lightens the skin.

What is the edge of using Vitamin C serum campared to applying natural fruit on skin?

Vitamin C serum is prepared with higher concentration of vitamin C compared to what our skin gets from natural fruits. Moreover, it is a stay on or all-night on beauty skin treatment without the risk of attracting insects.

What is the advantage of Vitamin C Serum over other skin care products?

Vitamin C is natural is a natural health need to boost immunity. When applied to the skin it can easily penetrate deeply into the skin tissue. Apart from that, Vitamin C Serum does leave a greasy or sticky feeling on skin, rather it makes the skin velvety smooth to touch and attractively kissable.

REMEMBER: Always do a patch test before trying on a new skin care products o.

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