Miracle Berry and Bonus Angel


Visiting Ma’am Annie Certeza Palmares of CCA MANILA

It never occurred to me that my blogging will bring my feet back to where I was 10 years ago.   Since I started writing for a product, I begin to frequent trips to Manila.   In order to put more value into my trips,  I decided to meet some of my friends.   Today,  I decided to accept the invitation of Ma’am Annie Certeza Palmares, PR Manager of Center for Culinary Arts or simply CCA. 

Going back to CCA is tracing back the route and train I used to ride then. Consequently all the memories started to tag along with it. So before arriving at CCA Manila, I had enough recollections to meet my friend again.

Ma’am Annie Certeza Palmares, although a good friend, is one of those I opted to address with a Ma’am, because, she is one of those I treat with great respect. Exuding with beauty and grace our first meeting then turned out quite easy and comfortable. She is quite a belle that could cool down a ranging fire in me but also capable of warming my heart beaten by the cold of rejections. It was amazing that in those bitter days, there was a friend who made me feel that life is sweet. Ten years later, meeting her again renewed those sweet friendship we had. I would liken her to a miracle berry because

Ma’am Annie can turn bitter and sour moments to sweet memories

. Cheers to a sweet belle, Ma’am Annie!

Bonus surprise:

Heeding to Pope Francis’ advice “allow God to surprise you,” the lady to right is a pleasant surprise. I am about to leave and had gone down two floors already that I felt I need to go back for a few pictures with Ma’am Annie… and a Chef proffesor happens to be there. I might have difficulty remembering a name lately but not the good deeds. She too left a good imprint in my mind during my CCA days. In one occasion that I needed to bring a student to the hospital, she volunteered to drive for us with her car. It was an angelic moment because that student received an immediate medical attention and was saved. Meeting her again on February 5, 2015 is a bonus from God to conclude my recollections of CCA… A bonus to write about a former student who amidst my poor recollections names will gladly call Chef Angel. 😉

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