Puerto Princesa ( Part 4: Be an Angel in Paradise )

(Continuation from Part 3 : Angel in Your Pocket)

My first time in Puerto Princesa, Palawan is an introduction to Chinoy-Palaweño (Fil-Chi-Palaweño) hospitality of A&A Plaza Hotel.  That time,  the first and only Chinoy-Palaweño hotel in town.  As such, a guest gets a visual immersion of traditional and modern Chinese furniture and decorations, backed up with smiling Palawan-Filipino service. 

Taking A&A Plaza Hotel as a home base for Puerto Princesa,  Palawan tour is also a vacation of practicality and convenience.   It’s simple ambiance, allows guests to move around casually and comfortably.  On the ground floor of the hotel are two restaurants: Chow Na is offering a generous quantity of Chinese meals; while MJ cafe offers short orders of all sorts (Palawan local dishes;  Filipino; Italian and Mexican) At the front is a convenient store for cosmetics,  snacks etc.  Moreover, there is also Sing It Karaoke and game stations for your entertainment, small group parties or simply as an alternative activity (had you opt to skip a tour).  All these at a very affordable price.



Apart from Chinoy hospitality A&A Plaza Hotel has also adopted the Palawan culture of guarding mother earth, by providing it’s guest with eco-friendly facilities.  To name a few each room’s electrical power is automatically switched on and off by its electronic key card; illumination is from LED lights as well as natural sun light from windows; news or entertainment from LED television; solar powered water heater;  faucets with aerator valves; and a smile generating tent card reminder for conservation of water and electricity “Be an angel of Paradise. “

Thus, one need not fear of having to embrace a primitive lifestyle or isolation normally associated in paradise experience.  A&A Plaza Hotel provides an urbanized  eco-tourism that compliments Puerto Princesa as the city within a forest.   In Puerto Princesa,  Palawan, A&A Plaza Hotel defines Chinoy-Palaweño hospitality as providing casual urbanized eco-friendly dwellings and services at an affordable price. A&A Plaza Hotel is an angel in Paradise.




Click on this link to access map: http://www.aaplazahotel.com/?req=11

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