Puerto Princesa ( Part 2: Angelic Welcome)

(Continuation from Part1: A lift by an Angel )

Getting into A&A Plaza Hotel of Puerto Princesa,  Palawan is magical experience.   The hotel’s glass faćade welcomed me with glimmering burst of sunset reflection. Entering it is a glass walled rectangular cave driveway. At the center are spotless transparent twin door slightly invisible smoothly sliding apart as I walked through. Then in the stillness a board garbed with joyful yellow, salutes it’s logo wings to my name. To the frontdesk I said: Thanks for that sweet angelic welcome.


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2 Responses to “Puerto Princesa ( Part 2: Angelic Welcome)”

  1. Puerto Princesa (Part 1: A lift by an Angel) | Lamyarda's Weblog Says:

    […] Upon moving closer, I realised that it is a pair of A’s written in mirror image format. It is the logo of A&A Plaza Hotel. The driver told me that it stands for the identical names of the couple that owns the hotel: Antonio and Antonia. It seems to me that these Chinese couple were so united that they picked up identical names when they naturalised their citizenship as Filipinos. Then the van begins to move. The driver, in his provincial simplicity generously give local informations regarding where to find what and what to find where. That small talk made me feel very much welcome. Shortly afterwards, I arrived the hotel safe and sound. It is no illusion to think that A&A Plaza Hotel Van Service is a lift by an angel in paradise. (to be continued Part2: Welcome do by an Angel) […]


  2. Puerto Princesa ( Part 3 A&A Plaza Hotel’s Key Card: Angel in Your Pocket ) | Lamyarda's Weblog Says:

    […] Just another WordPress.com weblog « Puerto Princesa ( Part 2: Angelic Welcome) […]


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