Puerto Princesa (Part 1: A lift by an Angel)

In terms of blogging, if there is
something I did injustice to, it is to Puerto Princesa, A&A Plaza Hotel and to Dr. Jesus Ong.   In an attempt to make a nitch to print media, the write – up I made that was dated April 29, 2010 has never been posted in my blog.  The plan was if ever the article gets published,  photo will be taken and posted on this site.  If after a quarter of a year no print was made then it will be a blog entry.  But with long waiting, it soon skipped my mind.  More so, when my attention got hooked in a laboratory job and studies.  Soon posting was forgotten.  Four years after, when another blog entry written five years ago started picking up a traffic, only then did I realised where I have wronged.  Compared to print media, a blog has an advantage of having no editors to block; it can be in circulation for a long period of time; it is accessible in a click (more so with the use of smartphones now); and since it is paperless it costs less for the readers.  Now, to make up for that error, I decided to look for the written file with the aim of posting it as a late entry.  Too bad the file could no longer be  found.  I then will need to write the two trips made  in one blog entry.

Underestimated Palawan


When we speak of Palawan,  l immediately think of paradise.   Hence, I was filled with excitement to hear of the invitation for a working trip there.  Yet, despite the paradise impression,  it is an island that remains underestimated in terms of geographical size and destinations.   Once, I asked Dr. Jesus Ong about Bosuanga and El Nido and I was told it is too far from the capital.   So I had a check of the map.  There I realised that Palawan is as long as Luzon,  only it is thinner.  Searching through the net, Palawan  has an area of 14,649.73 km2 (5,656.29 sq mi). Its largest island is measuring 450 kilometres (280 mi) long (mainland Luzon is 402 km2) , and 50 kilometres (31 mi) wide.  It is composed of 21 municipalities.  It’s capital alone ,     Puerto Princesa is 2,381.02 square kilometres (919.32 sq mi)land area (62 times  bigger than City of Manila) and is composed of 66 districts or baranggays.  After knowing that, my mind begins to wonder leading me to stare in a bright blue sky, struggling to fathom the working trip instore for me in its capital, Puerto Princesa.

I’ve Got a Ticket to Fly

March 19, 2010 at my working desk, thirty minutes after the class,  I opened my email.   In my inbox, one that zero in my vision was a mail containing my ticket to Puerto Princesa, Palawan.

Immediately, I checked all the details. From the information it seems that I will be arriving Puerto Princesa on March 21, 2010 and stay there until 26th. That is around five working days. Having confirmed the dates so did I confirm my filed leave. With great excitement, from that day on, I began packing. Since TV advertisement showed Palawan ‘ s beaches, the first thing that went in language are beachwear, swim wear, sunblock lotions and shades. Then a work wear, and lastly computer, notes and book that will help me in my work. When March 21 came I said to the sky “I am going to Paradise. ”

A Lift by an Angel of Paradise

I arrived Puerto Princesa when the sun is about to set. I had some few selfies taken because am travelling alone.

After I picked up my luguage, I walked out and soon saw the man carrying a placard with my name. I approached him, he greeted me and immediately took my bag to load it in a very clean van with something that looked like a pair of wings. These wings made me smile and made me say “I am in paradise.”


Upon moving closer, I realised that it is a pair of A’s written in mirror image format. It is the logo of A&A Plaza Hotel. The driver told me that it stands for the identical names of the couple that owns the hotel: Antonio and Antonia. It seems to me that these Chinese couple were so united that they picked up identical names when they naturalised their citizenship as Filipinos. Then the van begins to move. The driver, in his provincial simplicity generously give local informations regarding where to find what and what to find where. That small talk made me feel very much welcome. Shortly afterwards, I arrived the hotel safe and sound. It is no illusion to think that A&A Plaza Hotel Van Service is a lift by an angel in paradise.
(to be continued Part2: Welcome do by an Angel)

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  2. Mylene salvo Says:

    gus2 ko pong maging dealer. saan po ako kukuha ng product? tnx po.


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