Calamities and Upsurge of Criticism

On day 4 of typhoon Yolanda Anderson Cooper make a coverage of that day and immediately there was an upsurge of criticisms from filipino netizens all over the world. Here are my insights which I posted on facebook:

Seeking to understand…. In times of distress we become sensitive and over reacting.  Reviewing the report here is what I can say…when Cooper said :
#1. “No evidence of organized relief and rescue operation around Tacloban.” — note that there is a word “ORGANIZED” to describe(adjective) relief and rescue operation.  What this sentence implies there is a rescue and relief operation but not organized.  In fact he mentioned and showed that there are fire people picking the dead.
#2  “I haven’t seen MUCH of relief effort”  Note the word MUCH as modifier of relief effort.  What is meant is there is relief effort but very little or not yet enough.  In fact when he was trying to commend the strength of Filipinos in surviving 6 days with VERY LITTLE FOOD/VERY LITTLE WATER (does not mean no food or water)
#3 “I haven’t seen a LARGE military presence.” means there are military around but not at a large number.  Infact he mentioned that there are some military who are cleaning the airport.

The bottomline is there were efforts of relief and rescue operations but Philippines supplies’ capacity does not meet the demands.

In a perspective of someone who lives in the province. It is rare that we have realy nothing to eat nor drink even during calamities because there are fallen fruits, rootcrops, edible weeds, springs etc.  This does not mean they don’t need help but it means they have but very little.

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