Rough, Ridged, Ragged Ride


Amidst the hustle and bustle of electoral campaign, Greenplanet Bikeshop dares it and so did I.  Depite my lack of preparation due to tooth extraction, I took the guts of joining the Green Planet Executive MTB and Duathlon Challenge May 4-5, 2013

…  I knew the chances of getting a trophy is very slim but there is a fat chance of boosting up the happy hormones.   A month has lapse and time has healed the wound… It is time likewise to resuscitate the leg power that is beginning to faint and stifle the fear that starts to nag.  So with the fullness of my being, I kicked off, to explore, expose and experience the  rough, ridged and ragged bike track.

Gun start for the lady category.

Gun start for the lady category

It was one harlem shake of a horse ride.  One ought to have a strong but flexible arm, and a good balance with the cleatz to keep going.  Definitely, the large mound of dirt stopped me as it looked like a hump of a monster that will rise up for my fall.  I refused to have a picture taken while pushing my bike down the curve.  I regretted afterward, I could have posed confidently, standing beside my bike on top of the heap pile of the earth turning to the side for a hip of a shot.… indeed one of the great things in race are the outpour of pictures.  It make you look like a pro even though you are not ;-).


All the more was I animated to kick on  upon a sight of a guy with a camera as I pass through the curved track along the river bank romanticized by the presence of the acacia tree.  Sadly, though I don’t know who he was (…and couldn’t find him upto this date.  I attempted to go back the track a few days after for a photo but a backhoe has been planted on the site.  I could only sigh helplessly hoping that there is some sort of a camera that can capture the scene my memory in the same way that my computer can capture the images on my screen..  Good thing words has its way to bring it to flesh and so I write it today). ..Moving on, I passed by the grassy ground, with cows feasting on them. It  reminded me well of a favorite bike track in Nuvali, the one I call, valley of the cows.  Then  a mountain of a coconut husk dust that I mistaken for a mega rock taunt my camera.  On the second round of the race, I did not hesitate to stop and capture the moment, oblivious of the worry it is causing the marshals on a look out for bikes in trouble.


With all gratitude, did I welcome for the showers of refreshing water poured unto me while on the run.  It turned out a shower of a ride too.  I reached the finish line drenched in sweat and water, but with a healthy glow on the face.  My skin would have enjoyed it too for it had profusely spitted out all the toxicity that stress had accumulated.   At the end of the race was a bounty buffet.  After biking like a horse, a metamorphosis had a occurred, I ate like a pig as if there is no tomorrow.  I could hardly remember all the food except for that crunchy and tasty chicken cordon bleu rolled and sliced finely (or was I a crocodil  then).   We all await until the last biker to come  and for a while, I took the pleasure to mock a talk show.  On the hot seats are two Lubac cyclist Mr. Idelfonso Hullana Jr. and Mr. Gerardo Pastrana Almira.  Allow me to insert what has transpired:

Nova: Sir, maganda po ba ang race track?

Sir Almira and Sir Hullana:  pwede nang Nuvali ng Quezon


After the last cyclist arrived, we gladly await the awarding ceremony…  especially for the generous raffle prizes Greenplanet has been known for.  Who will not wait for a chance to win the handsome 20k+++ Merida mtb? … But in the end the lot did not fall on my favor.  Nevertheless, blessings still abound… thanks to all the sponsors there are so much to bring home to my nest: jersey, cateye bike light,  Kojisan toiletries and a bonus— I slept like a boar.





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