Dirt Defying Weekend (Nuvali Dirt Weekend 2012)

In panic did I welcome the Nuvali Dirt Weekend 2012.  This much awaited  MTB bike event had overwhelmed me with great anticipation that left me confused of schedule and almost missed it.  Fortunately Madz of Greenplanet bikeshop is just a call away that saved me from embarrassment in arriving a day late.  Yet there remains a bike rack slot issue to be resolved.  For four hours, my Friday was like a computer game: obstacle upon obstacle keep on coming.  Until, I decided to temporarily take on a plan B, the barriers dissipates to thin air.  When Friday has given finally given up its taunting plan B metamorph back to plan A.

The first semester has not been bike friendly lately.  Finishing my masters degree kept me awake late and away from my twin wheeled buddy.   Opportunistic rust has slightly eaten away my skills as well as my front wheel’s bearings.  Hence, for this year I let go off the race and simply join the fun.

Under an intensely dehydrating heat of the sun, we arrived.  Bikes engulfed in dirt madness greeted our sight until we find the place where we ought to park.  MTB XC had gone past, tired, wasted teammates throw away a cheer: “enjoy the ride!”  They need not say more, their muddy shoes is enough sight of a dip in the mud, the profuse of sweat is the length of the trail, the weeds on their hair could be a fall from a downhill and a quivering hands a grip of a hard climb. Fatigue is encoded all over their body, yet formatted onto their faces is an inspiring joy of accomplishment.


(Thanks to Mountain Bike Philippines for this photo)

After taking our lunch, we launched with our bikes towards the site.  The atmosphere that linger is more cordial than last year.  The tent of  Greenplanet Bikeshop is a refreshing sight.  For half and a year now, it is with great pleasure and gratitude that my cycling life is blessed with Greenplanet family.  It is the bikeshop from which my two wheeled machine was born and now,so with Glenn’s.Image


Dismounting from the bike, with great delight did a co-Greenplanet family secured my bike.  Amidst the smiles that flashed everywhere, there emerged my look-a-like.  Greenplanet did not only create my twin wheeled buddy but also my twin mannequin.  Thrilled by this meeting, in haste that I pose for a couple of clicks and a souvenir was made, thanks to the kindness of Sir Erwin Rilli.  Glenn, a rookie on bike events went around taking pictures of the surrounding.  In a while, biker friends crowd the tent as we await our call.


When the sun has lowered to a quarter and its light begins to mellow, the 24-individual race began.  I called the two Greenplanet/UTCF riders for a photo.  Soon after they were released, the fun-riders gather.  For the joy of everybody, a blue paper were lay hidden along the tracks, each of these corresponds to a prize.  Shortly afterwards they set us loose.  The first group opted the road, while Glenn and I chose the dirt trail.  It was the same track as last year’s MTB XC, but short of two difficult trail for fun riders.  At the trail where earth roughens, fear awakens.  This four moth of cycling sluggishness gave entry to this energivore ghost.  Nevertheless, slowing down is apt for my newbie companion’s health Opting to enjoy the ride simply enjoy we capture a few images of proof.  Then at the triumphal ark, my heart takes delight for the finisher medal.  More so for Glenn, he found a blue ticket that corresponds to a shirt.


My Nuvali Dirt Weekend 2012 was less intense… infact I miised the favorite to which I call “valley of the cows.”  But the warmth of the Greenplanet family, the bike-bonding with Glenn, the re-union with friends makes the event worth recording.  Looking forward to Nuvali Dirt Weekend 2013. 



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