A Little More Time

When there comes an opportunity to help your friends even in small things, make sure to act on them for there is no way of saying if there will be next time— spiralcurls

Hardly breathing to survive under the massive schoolwork that had avalanched from my graduate degree, I have decided to lurk in 4amt90 yahoo group except for some birthday greetings.  Hence, amidst the teasing and greetings for Karl Zafra’s dies natalis, I only crack a few in one message and posted an announcement of the latest blog post.  But then by July 20, 2010, a message that was posted somewhat poked me:

Hello, classmates!

DJ Jenny is in town! And she’s hoping to see us! Pls. make urself available on July 30, Friday night 4 a get-together party! Details to follow. Hope pwede tayong lahat!

JOYfully Yours…

Realizing that the day would coincide with my high-school meeting to which am the head of the communication committee, I opted to leave the thought off  until the closer date.  However, Joy had a follow-up message enumerating the names of classmates to whom she had sent the announcement and a request to help in notifying the rest because she does not have their numbers.  To this I gladly comply, thinking that Jenny will be coming from miles away and back in college, I couldn’t remember a thing in which I had helped her.  The chance had open up for me and missing it will later leave me wondering when the next will be.

God’s Time 

We need to be flexible—when it is God’s time, things are easy and when it’s not His time, things are difficult. (Sister Theresina in Mo. Teresa: A Simple Path)


Everything seems to be uncooperative lately as regards work:

1)      I was not given a teaching load in Culinary in which I have the passion for

2)      The president of a company disapproved of my consultancy service for a month

3)      I resigned to one laboratory to uphold my ethical principles

4)      Hoping to get a license from TESDA, they had made me go back in forth the road trip of around 70km five times yet it ends to nothing (cancelled class)

5)      Although a drug testing laboratory is requesting me to be a reliever, the drug testing regulatory board’s licensing training program however has all been fully booked until next year.

6)      The new university in lipa to which I applied for seems to prioritize Lipa residents

To sum it all, the circumstances were not with me at that time and so with this get-together.  All the more when on 23 of July 9:26:46 AM while in a jeep going to lipa, I received this message from Joy:

Hi! Medyo namomroblema si Jenny S. re. her planned get-together.  Wala ako iba maisip na makaktulong sa kanya kundi ikaw at si Karl.  Can you please contact her at xxx? Sorry, medyo limited lang kaya ko.  Thanks much Novs J

 To this text, I immediately called Jenny, but the line was choppy, so I decided to leave the calling again for later.  By 1:17:18PM another text message came in:

Hi classmate. Jen segismundo is in town and is ondering if you are free this Sunday night July 25 for a get-together in Makati area.  John Ledesma and **** (di ko na lang mention kasi may miss communication dito e) will be joining us too.  Please text jen.

Since I am still in the middle of interviewing the former CEO of Legenda Hotel of Subic, I set my response for later.  As I was about to reply to this news, a phone call came from a protester of my previous blog (hehehe  blind item).  Nevertheless, after a few funny bickerings, that call has confirmed that the date has been moved and some classmates have already confirmed.  Confident of a much agreeable date that was set and that things were already moving without me, I focused my attention and effort to my school report that has to be delivered the following day.

At the end of the day, I have concluded that God seemed to have planned that I must indeed be in this get-together for everything else made way for it.


 “There is freedom in really trusting God’s providence.  We try to live in the present and not to worry about tomorrow… Our approach would be to at least try—and so often it works out” — Sister Kateri in Mother Teresa:A Simple Path

It was only after I presented my report in school that I get to realized I ought to find a place to sleep had I wanted to fully enjoy the get-together.  Otherwise, I would have to leave before 10:00PM so that I would not interrupt the most treasured sleep of my sister-in-law who does not have any help at home.  Joy however, already insinuated that she will not be home then and is still trying to figure out how she could be present due to a conflict in schedule.  I then tried texting Weng whom they said will be attending.  Her answer was “Sure ü.  May venue na ba?”    Apparently, that time, nothing has yet been decided as regards the venue, because the requirements were a place with Karaoke on a particular budget.  Hence, they were still canvassing then.  I however, who is now a fully certified probinsyana could not be of any help, so I simply abandon all the decisions into their hands on the choice between Red Box or Music 21.  To this Weng replied “I think d gaanong mahal ang red box. Nt sure abt music 21. Update me nalang pag mern na.  FF is wating din. Tnx ü” I then forwarded this message to Karl and Joy incase that information could help.  Then, despite the fact that the venue remains unknown I went out of the house to ride the bus that can drop me off Buendia.  I thought perhaps that on the road before I reach Makati, a text will already tell me where the get-together will be.  Indeed by 1:58:25 PM a message came in saying that it is going to be in Red Box Karoake.  When I reached SLEX  however, there came flashing on the TV screen that Makati is flooded.  My mind however, begins to console me that the road that I will be passing through to Red Box would not be flooded.  But upon reaching Makati, along the road beside the railway, I saw a man wading through the flood at waste level.  I took a few photos to record the condition with which the get-together will take place.

  Then when the bus stopped at Buendia, I told the driver am going down.  The driver then replied the already obvious “Ma’am, tubig po yan,” so I responded “OO, tubig nga pero dito ako dapat bumaba.”  The bus driver could not do anything but to open the door and let me out.  The water into which I let my feet sink is nevertheless only around 5 inches deep and not wide.  I immediately walk towards the railroad where there is no water.  The next ordeal is to find a taxi that will drive me to the area.  Taxis however is not easy to find on those conditions because many commuters are chasing them as well.  While, I walk back and forth for a ride, a client phoned me.  To accommodate his inquiries however, I cannot be doing it while am still catching a ride, hence I walked towards the railroad station and find a bench to sit.  For approximately 30 minutes to an hour, I did a consultancy job among the flooding street of Buendia.  After that conversation, I got up again and decided to ride the jeep instead.  Having been a non-Manila resident for six years, I am no longer familiar with the Karaoke establishments.  All I remembered was, that in a phone conversation with Joy, the Bel-air road was mentioned.  Hence, I took a jeep that would pass Bel-air.  Good thing Karl phoned in and so I realized I need to get out of the jeep when I reach Makati Medical Center, then from there get a taxi to go to Greenbelt.  When I got out of the jeep, I decided to check my phone for the text message of the venue.  There it was written:

Hi classmates! See you all tonight at Red Box Karaoke.  3F Greenbelt 3.  Ayala Center, Makati.  Between 7-8PM

It was only then that I realized that everything I need to make it to the get-together has actually been well provided for… it was in my judgment that I erred as regards address.


“♪♫…Give it a time, Just a little more time, Well be together…♪♫”  — from the lyrics of Closer, You and I by Gino Padilla

Prior to reaching the site, I was bothered in recalling the message posted a day ago but which I was able to check only on my way to Manila:

hello creatures!!! !!!


im still alive…and confused…. re-jenny segismundo get-2gether.

ayon kay nova, july 30, friday. tanda ko sa text ni karl, july 25, sunday. Si john iba yata calendar, july 26 SATURDAY????



Leah’s reply via e-mail however also manifests that she got lost in all the messaging that had happened.  As I was about to text them, a message from Leah has arrived.  I then have to apologize in assuming that the news reached them when someone phoned me the list of attendees.  After that text I was left with a guilt that if Leah did not make it today, the fault is in me—again in my judgment.

Soon enough I found myself in front of a well lighted upper class mall.  Garbed in a black Thai inspired blouse matched with a dark earthcolor Indian embroidered red and blue skirt, I would have fit well in that surrounding if not for the big backpack that I carry.  Nevertheless, I could still pass for a backpacker foreigner who just arrived from the airport.  Hence, I asked the concierge with a mixed foreign accent “Where can I find Music Box?”  I received a blank stare perhaps wondering if I am asking where I can buy a music box.  Yet, immediately, I corrected myself “I mean Red Box.”  With a smile they gladly gave me directions.  Upon reaching the third floor, I called on Karl to asked if he is already at the site.  Apparently it turned out that I arrived ahead of him, so I decided to pass by the powder room to freshen up.  Afterwards, I then walked towards Red Box and there I found Karl Zafra already checking the rooms.  After having inquired about the rates of the rooms and the buffet, we decided to occupy the room for 10 for the mean time because he was not sure if all who confirmed will make it due to the flood.  I however could no longer wait for the others to come in order to eat, otherwise my gastric juices will provoke the whooping cough that had been bothering me for a couple of weeks.  With the understanding that the charges for the buffet is per head, I had no hesitation to approach the buffet table to scoop for a quantity that I could finish.  Afew minutes later, Karl also started to take his dinner.  Then  the rest started to arrive.  Among the first ones (if I remembered right) were: Rachel and FF Pantaleon along with Rosalee Eng.  The Karaoke started to play with FF around.  Then came John Ledesma and Dennis Bascon (naku! Hirap na talagang alalahanin kasi masama ang throat ko pa nun).  JJ,  who came from Cambodia and Vietnam trip brought out his “pasalubong, consisting of fans and refrigerator magnets.  With that number of people now cramped in a small cubicle, the atmosphere became so festive, more so, when Jenny Segimundo arrived with her two kids.  I, having been situated next to the door had the pleasure to be greeted first.  With much charm she pinched my cheek and says you haven’t changed (siyempre dapat isulat yun :p).  In the presence of Jenny, the Karaoke started to work full time, the cameras begins to click and some decided to dine.  Then the rest followed: Rowena Lim, Leah Illada and lastly for that room Alvin Matulac.  With a breaking of one glass, it became too obvious that the room is too small for us.  Hence, the management allowed us to move to another room along with an upsetting news that the SOP for the buffet is that all who were in the room must pay for the buffet whether or not had they decided to partake it.  Appalled by the fact that we had been misinformed earlier, Dennis took the lead in the protest while the rest moved on to the new room.  Later, the manager came in to explain.  I however wouldn’t want to put the argument at length so I cut and asked if they are still going to charge even those who did not eat despite their staff was the one at fault.  To this she clearly answered no but the next time we come again, she hopes that we understand them as regards the SOP that it is difficult to monitor those who dine from those who did not.  After that dialogue, Joy Ramos came to complete the group.  Once again the cameras started to be busy.  I however, started to cough a lot that I have to go out of the room.  It took me a quarter of an hour before I realize that warm water could appease  it.  When I felt more relieved, I went back in and caught JJ reminiscing before the group his internship days.  John Joseph, without intending to be funny, had turned the group to roll in laughter.  For once again he insisted that he had his internship at Polymedic.  Puzzled with this claims someone asked where is that Polymedic? He answered “It is the hospital near Trinity.”  Then someone quipped “It couldn’t be St. Luke” and someone concluded “De los Santos.”  The latter solved one mystery that had dwell  in our minds for almost a year now ever since we had a get-together with JJ at Chilli’s.  There is however, one more mystery that he tenaciously upheld to which Leah could not believe she is hearing it.  Although, this mystery remains to be, it was quite an amusement.  After that stand up comedy of JJ, a song in the Karaoke got us all into singing.

“♪♫…The closer I get to touching you, the closer I get to loving you, Give it a time, Just a little more time, Well be together, Every little smile, that special smile,The twinkle in your eyes, In a little while, Give it a time, Just a little more time, So we can get closer…♪♫”  — from the lyrics of Closer, You and I by Gino Padilla

That part of the song must have spoken the spirit behind our presence  that it made our voices one in it.

Take Home Habit

 “Watch your thoughts…they become your words.  Watch your words… they become your actions. Watch your actions… they become you’re your habits.  Watch your habits… they become your character.  Watch your character…it becomes your destiny.” —Frank Outlaw

 In every get-together it has become my habit to always  take home something valuable.  This time it is lesson that could well be expressed in the words taken up from a book compiled by Lucinda Vardey entitled Mother Teresa: A Simple Path…

 “In the West, we have a tendency to be profit oriented, where everything is measured according to the results and we get caught up in being more and more active to generate results.  In the East… I find people (who) just sit around under a banyan tree for half a day chatting to each other.  We Westerners would probably call that wasting time.  But there is a value to it.  Being with someone, listening without a clock and without anticipation of results, teaches us about love.”

for a better view of pictures below you may click on each of them

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  1. leah Says:

    naku! i was not aware that we have to pay the buffet pala…good thing i have classmates who protested and argued about it…
    just wanna share that i have to ask the one involved and she vehemently denied it…..it could be the redhorse effect….hahaha….


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