Happy Fault

(My apologies if this write up has gramatical errors or syntax errors.  My pupose is simply to express freely my views on the event.)

“O happy fault… which gained for us so great…” —St. Thomas Aquinas, Summa Theologica

I have been full handed with the preparation for the silver jubilee reunion of my high school batch that I have been begging off organizing a small get-together for my college. While I was preparing the minutes of my high school get-together, a mail came in my facebook inbox. Dated May 12, 2010, bearing no subject and is coming form Albert Ang Ngo Ching. The name immediately made my mind access stored information in my memory cells:
• I haven’t met Albert Ang Ngo Ching personally
• He was suggested to me to add as friend in facebook by Dewit Lim (if my memory still serves me right)
• I saw some pictures of him posted in facebook with Patrick Alix, Ramir Abano and Dewit Lim when they had a small get together the last time Patrick was here.
• When I told Nixon T. Cabo Chanponco about that get-together and if he know Albert because I cannot find him in the year book, he answered he could not recall as well.

Nonetheless, despite that very few acquired information, the fact that he is a mutual friend to many MT90 batchmates of mine, I assumed that a mail might contain a usual “panawagan” item—which some had already did and to which I had willingly circulated to the entire batch mates who are in my lists be it through text messages, through facebook and yahoo group (sorry na lang sa friendster—tamad na ako dun). Upon opening the mail, the following message unfolds:

“Hi Nova, Patrick Alix just came home from the states and we’re planning a small get-together probably on May 21, no venue yet, I’ll update you nalang, hope you could join us, thanks…”

This message had me thinking because my memory presented me a very scant information regarding Patrick:

• I haven’t personally met Patrick Alix
• I knew Patrick Alix only because back in college his presence is something that will never get lost in a crowd

With these few data,  it had me wondered and lead me to reply the following:

“sure… is that get-together open for others? Would you like me to help you spread the news?”

Such was a start of a correspondence from Albert. A little later Dewitt joined. From that e-correspondence with Dewitt and Albert, I came to understand that Albert, has only spent two years in our college and since he could not recall much, thought  I’m a classmate basing on mutual friends from his section. Nevertheless, such mistake will later proved to be providential.

Series of Surprises

“Life is a series of surprises and could not be worth taking or keeping if it were not.”— Ralph Waldo Emerson

Despite a non 8cH, they nevertheless, insist that I attend because they said that the get-together is open to friends of Patrick. These words “friends of Patrick,” however, once again moved me to re-assess my qualification, if it does match… and my neurons transmitted a flashing “NO.” Nonetheless, I knew in one way or another, I could act as adapted 8cH and so I can be of help. Hence, I offered to disseminate this information to the rest of the batch through facebook, yahoo group and text messages. Consequently, tDewitt askED me if I happen to have contact details of some of his classmates. I then with great pleasure opened up my directory folder and texted one by one the names under MT90 lists. To his surprise they were a number and among those I texted the following are his classmates: Ramon Carmona, Ricardo Deang, Fidelis De Leon, Marvin Esguerra, Ramir Abano, Jovy Mamangon, Joseph Chan, Shiela San Pedro, Cleo Trinidad, Tin tin Uy and Fr. June Flores. Addressing June as father is another surprise.  I then have to go into few details of my source of information. The news came from Cleo Joson Trinidad –Cruz posting the following:




This message gave delight because it will fall on my birthday, so I toyed on the idea of attending. Looking for companions, I decided to posts announcements in some net-working sites and send text messages. None however responded that they could attend. I could not however take the courage of going there alone through public transportation because I am totally unfamiliar to the place. Hence, I dropped the plan, got the cell phone number of Fr. June from Cleo and simply greeted him on that day. After which, I could only regularly send some announcements or request for prayers of anything that has to do with MT90 batch.

Going back to phone numbers, it may came as a surprise for some 8cH that I am in possession of their numbers but such was a result of the previous get-togethers where I coincided with some of them… from MT90 get-together in Pampangga which was attended by Ric Deang, and get-togethers in Quezon province where Ramon Carmona is a townsmate.

Seedbed of Friendship

Plant a seed of friendship; reap a bouquet of happiness.
— Lois L. Kaufman

The story of getting connected to Dewitt is one thing I should not miss writing down, because such was not only the result of wonders of technology, but of keeping a child at heart.

While detained in my brother’s house when my nephew was sent to the hospital, I had no other way to kill time but to go farming. That time, I was still addicted to Farmville, hence I decided to let time pass doing the virtual planting, harvesting and visiting farms of friends when there is nothing left to do in my hacienda. When I went to water the flower garden of  Sheila San Pedro’s farm, I saw a male farmer tending it. I placed my curser on him to flash a name and there it showed Dewitt. I then clicked on it to start a conversation and here is how it goes:

Spiralcurls (that is my user name): Ei, anong ginagawa mo dito?
Dewitt: Sino ka?
Spiralcurls: Nova, MT90 section A.

The conversation follows but the details of which I could no longer remember. But such is one amusing event of meeting a batchmate in a virtual farm of another batchmate.   Although, I have grown tired of Farmville lately, it was once a seedbed of friendship with other batchmates.

Sweetener of Human Life

The greatest sweetener of human life is Friendship. To raise this to the highest pitch of enjoyment, is a secret which but few discover.
— Joseph Addison

The start of a friendship with Mon Carmona is something that I consider funny in some ways. After almost a year getting frustrated in finding good friends in Lucena, seeing Mon Carmona walking along the hallway of SM Lucena way back December 2004, was  like seeing the road of hope. I hurriedly followed him to National Bookstore and called him formally as “Dr. Carmona.” He then turned his back, but before he could utter a word, I blurted out “What are you doing here?” To this he replied in a tone implying that the question rightly belongs him “What are you doing here?!?!”

Apparently, Mon has already established his profession for five years in Lucena, while I who although was born and spent the first 8 years in Lucena had long been out of that town and is only back for a year. Hence, that question indeed rightly belongs to him than me. Nevertheless, I decided to answer the question saying that only 9 months had passed since I moved from Manila. He then looked into my hand and found no ring, so I had to reveal that I took over the management of our former residential home in a nearby subdivision. He then updated me of his practice and that I ought to meet another batchmate Nixon Cabo Chanpongco. From then, is a start of getting connected to Nixon then to Belen Garana, Mapi Matias, Aldrin Nadres, Rodel Redor and Madonna Agra. Much later, some time in March 2008, we had our first MT90 Quezon based get-together in Pueblo por la Playa and an island get-away at Cagbalete the following month. Since then with batchmates around life in Lucena has become sweeter and brighter.

Making more Friends

Since there is nothing so well worth having as friends, never lose a chance to make them.
— Francesco Guicciardini

Ever since I started organizing small MT90 get-together and writing them in my blog, the task of breaking the ice for new batchmates in contact has been quite easier. It has even taken its speed when facebook successfully got integrated into our lifestyle. Soon, my MT90 group friends’ list has reached 10 groups of 20 and still counting. Then it was at its full speed when I decided to open the long been facebook uploaded yearbook Internos for exclusive viewing of MT90. Although, the yearbook has long been uploaded in MT90 yahoo group, some may not know its existence there or is not yet listed in that site. Hence, I decided to upload it in facebook as well. I however did not open its viewing for a long time because I still have some apprehensions regarding exposing the yearbook through that network. But when Albert and Dewitt sought my help to get to their classmates, I relied on the efficiency of tagging pictures in getting to other MT90 batchmate. It proved to be very effective that I have to add two more MT90 group list to accommodate friends’ request and suggestion.

Among 8cH whom I had acquaintance through e-networking were:

Jode Valero

For a time I had initial conversations with her via YM, perhaps when I was inviting batchmate to Pampangga get-together. Then through facebook. The funny facebook conversation I had with her is that she could not remember she was part of the Yearbook committee, until I finally posted on her wall the picture of the yearbook team.

Judith Gapasin

Initially, I thought I had only met her through facebook. Someone has suggested that I add her, and I gladly complied. From there, I could only have a window view of her posted pictures. There was one picture of her in fb to which I commented “Did someone ever mistake you for Zhang Ziyi?” She replied “Hi Nova, actually it has been mentioned to me before.  I am taking it as a compliment. Thanks.” Later, in the get-together, I realized we met at Mon’s place in Lucban during Pahiyas Festival 2006.

Armando Guevarra

I only had dealings with him through SMS. Ricky Deang gave the number when I was then cooking up the get-together in Pampangga. His schedule however could not accommodate such a long distance travel. From then, I tried to strike up a friendship but I have mistakenly taken his non-dexterity with texting as a snooty response. Later, when I was trying to use my acute gastritis as a way to meet other batchmate, his clinic hours never coincided with my need to see a doctor for my hyper acidity attack. The worse was when he texted back “Sorry but am now in KSA, I left Philippines a week ago.” His being in KSA was somehow something that I already anticipated, because weeks before when I was inquiring about Fortune Care, he already mentioned that he is processing his papers for KSA. Later, I would only give a thumbs up for any positive shout out he would post on facebook. Recently, when I have circulated the news of the upcoming get-together, I was surprised by his response that he would be home by then.

Buzz Time in the Bus

Often we have no time for our friends but all the time in the world for our enemies.
— Leon Uris

The final date and venue was set at May 26, 2010, dinner, Legend Seafood Restaurant. So, when the date arrived, I set out to ride a bus from Tiaong, Quezon bound to LRT station. While on the road, my phone rang with incoming call registry Mon Carmona. I answered and the conversation went (not verbatim):

Nova: Hi Mon! I know why you are calling.
Mon: Why am I calling?
Nova: It is about the get-together tonight…
Mon: (laughed a little) I wonder why Fidee’s number is not working, sabi ni Dewitt he got all the phone numbers from you?
Nova: Huh? As far as I know, she replied before whenever I texts announcements related to the batch.
Mon: Who else’ number do you have there. Do you have number of ***beep***(secret! Pero alam nyo na yun!)
Nova: I have the number of Tin-tin Uy and Shiela San Pedro but not ***beep*** Akala ko nga you have her number, sorry… Are you going to attend the get-together tonight?
Mon: Ok. Kindly forward Tin-tin’s number. I will try to catch up because I still have scheduled surgery later this afternoon and another one early tomorrow.
Nova: Ok. Hope to see you tonight.

Immediately after being disconnected, I tried calling Fidelis and it rang…  a lady answered:

Nova: Hello… is this Fidelis’ number?
Lady: Yes.
Nova: Oh… am just checking coz Mon said your line is not working. Thanks anyway.
Lady: Ok. Bye.

Immediately after that I texted Mon that Fidelis line is working… at the same time thinking that Mon is only finding excuse to indirectly ask for the number of ***beep***. On Fidelis’ side, it was later revealed in the get-together of  her shock as regards the call: “ I was thinking… sino ba yung tumawag. Wife ba nya yun?… Ang sosyal naman ni Mon kung may secretary pa.”

Shortly afterwards, upon reaching Turbina, Laguna, my mobile phone rang again. This time by a batchmate who would like to attend but is hesitant. He was asking who are attending. Then he mentioned the name of a lady (secret ulit… parehong lady rin yun as above). I answered, I heard she is attending. Then I tried convincing him to come, saying that I will be attending anyway. We ended the conversation without a guarantee his presence.

I reached Manila by 4:00PM. Since it is too early to go to Legend Seafood Restaurant, I decided to pass by my brother’s house in Malate, so I could put down my things. Later by 5:45PM, despite getting lost a litte, I arrived The Legend peacefully.

Fun at Legend

We can not do great things. We can only do little things with great love.
— Mother Teresa

Arriving at the Legend after I walked from GSIS Building, I was lead to a table where Albert was waiting. Thanks to facebook, it was not at all difficult to recognize each other. Soon, Dewitt arrived, and he took a photo of me and Albert together. Then, from inside through the glass wall, I saw Sheila San Pedro approached a lady who has been waiting outside. She happens to be Khristine Uy.   Soon, they came in and joined us. Then Sonny Guevarra came. Dewitt and Albert, begins to size up the table we are seated to, figured out that it will be too small for the group. Hence, we moved to a bigger round table. Then, the rest started coming (can’t remember who came earlier than the others): Jet Gapasin, Patrick Alix, Marvin Esguera,
Fidelis De Leon, Jhode Valero-Tan, Carol Dy-Lee and Ramon Carmona. Each time one arrives, I felt like they are stepping out of facebook. Yet, when they come to me to greet me, I would introduce myself as Nova Alcantara from section A in order not to mistake me from Nova Asana from section B. Needless to say, but it is fun mentioning that among the ladies, when ***beep*** finally arrived, I immediately texted the two guys whom I knew are interested in seeing her. The other guy says he is already on his way while the other guy simply sent his regards. Later, I made sure that I get ***beep*** number to give to the other guy who was not able to attend (hehehe… may blind item pa).

Throughout that night the conversation was filled with reminiscing, teasing and laughters. I happened to be seated beside Khristine Uy and was so amazed at the serendipity of being in Manila and not in Mindanao. It happened that their Convention coincided with the get-together. Khristine kept me from being out of place.

From time to time, I simply listen and laugh along at the conversations, allowing them to catch up on each other. Likewise, I would take that opportunity to take pictures… those little things I know will give delight not only to section H but to some batchmates as well. These pictures were immediately posted in facebook the following day.

8cH’s Gift

A friend is a present you give to yourself.
— Robert Louis Stevenson

While I was uploading the pictures into my facebook, I could not help but be thankful for the chance to dine with 8cH who has gifted the world with jejemons… lol…Ok, kidding aside. Thanks, to that happy fault, that indeed it gave me so great a gift… A gift of new friends.

Album is posted in facebook:


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4 Responses to “Happy Fault”

  1. jode Says:

    thanks for the nice write up nova! ang tiyaga mo talaga….keep it up!


  2. mon c Says:

    now i get it… hmp… HAHAHA!

    i had a small smirk while reading the blog…


  3. fidelis de leon Says:

    Hi Nova,

    Thanks for taking the time out to do this. gusto ko tuloy malaman yung blind item hehehe. Take care


  4. abet Says:

    sino ba yung ****secret****? text mo nalang sa akin, hehehe


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