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9 Responses to “dr. rylan flores”

  1. Arbs Abad Says:

    Hi Doctor, can you please send me your cp# . my Taong Bahay TV screen is not clear, I can’t read your #


  2. lamyarda Says:

    Thanks for leaving your comment here. I shall forward your message to Dr. Flores


  3. LUDY B. CORANEZ Says:

    Good afternoon, Dok, I want to go to your clinic, where can I see you. I’m from Commission on Audit and as of now I am suffering from osteoarthritis, this was the findings in my latest bone x ray.
    Thank you.


  4. maria lina cabalse Says:

    Hello doc Flores, was once your patient, diagnosed with plantar fascitis. I am taking arcoxia 120 mg, relieves for a short duration, does abc exercise, applies warm or cold compress but the pain aggravates more, maybe i can visit you by last of may, as for now, whats the better pain reliever i can have? Thanks, mrs maria lina cabalse.


  5. maria lina cabalse Says:

    What is better than arcoxia for plantar fascitis which is so painful, yiu diagnosed years back.


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