Private Rylan


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Part 1: Hurt to Be Strong


Only 17 days had lapsed since I was discharged from the hospital, am still dealing with a difficult customer and is two days nursing a grief over the loss of my sister when all of a sudden a Labrador came rushing towards me and bit my upper right thigh, thereby throwing my mobile phone up into the air then dropping three meters away from me while am pushed down to the floor landing on my butt. The helper then rushed to pull back the dog at its collar while I picked myself up and my phone then walked limping towards the living room. My hostess’ relatives were stunned and ashamed for what had happened. They instructed me to put down my pants to see if I was wounded. My skin showed scratches and small spots but no blood leaking. Then my hostess assured me that her Labrador stays only within their backyard and is complete with anti-rabies vaccine. Nonetheless, while I was letting my shock pass, I started making a broadcast SMS announcing my dogbite accident and inquiring for a smart immediate measure and who is the nearest doctor in the hospital now. In an instant Dr. Ricky Deang replied in SMS telling me that it is advisable to have an anti- tetanus vaccine because dog’s teeth are dirty and then he prescribed antibiotics for the wound. After half an hour of rest, I then bid my host goodbye. In pity that I will have to walk a long stretch of meters to get to the MRT station, the host then offered me a lift. Upon getting down the car I heard a ring from my cellphone and at the screen is the registered name of Mon Carmona. From there transpired an online consultation with Dr. and Dra Ramon and Tin-tin Carmona. As a result I was given the same prescription that Dr. Deang texted me earlier. When the conversation ended I then immediately hailed a taxi in order to bring me to the nearest hospital which is East Ave. Hospital.


Part 2: Lose to Try Harder


In haste, did I get out of the taxi when it finally halted at the front of the gate. Then in no time did I planted myself before the information clerk at the emergency department only to be let down saying that dog bites are not treated in that hospital but rather in San Lazaro. I begged the man, if at least some staff looks into my wound and clean it because San Lazaro is too far and am alone. But I was declined by saying the same procedure will be done in San Lazaro anyway so it is better to go to San Lazaro. So with self-pity that I left the emergency department, walked towards a bench interior park and went back to my only hope… a response from people I texted a broadcast. When the screen appeared blank, my tears started to fall profusely out of exasperation due to the fact that am in two days morning, my acute erythomatous gastritis is still painful and once again am alone trying to figure out what am I to do with myself in this time of misfortune. Then a sign of hope... I saw a minivan ambulance with the sinage that it belongs to my hometown Tiaong, Quezon, rollin in the hospital compound. In despair, did I approached the driver and asked if I can be assisted. The driver responded that he is not from my hometown and he was only asked a favor to drive for a particular patient. Once again I felt the rejection and went back to the bench crying… hoping to receive a response from any doctor friends who might be available in a nearby hospital.


Part 3: Smile to Overcome them All


After a quarter of an hour waiting, my cellphone beeped and there appears a message coming from Dr. Rylan Flores… the message says that he will be in Delos Santos Medical Hospital at 3:00 PM. Although this means an hour of waiting, such a message brought up a smile on my face,  feeling the hope of redemption had arrive. Hence, I dashed out of that apathetic government hospital, called for a taxi and ordered the driver to get me to the De los Santos Medical Hospital. In fifteen minutes I arrived. I then texted Rylan that I already arrived and is waiting at the lobby area. While waiting, I tried to remember who Rylan Flores is….


Searching over my brain files, I remember a picture of Rylan in Internos. Such an image reminds me that we were not introduced to each personally nor did we ever crossed each others path. Yet towering existence will never be a miss, more so is his pair of boots. Likewise, the impression I got is that he is one of the guys who you would stereotypically cast as a chick boy socialite…. Eighteen years after graduation, when I started organizing small batch get-togethers, I came across his name at friendster under Dr. Froilan Francisco’s friends list. In the lead picture posted, he is with his wife and his daughter. At first I find it difficult to recognize him because it looked as if his head is shaved. Hence, that is the latest image that is impressed into my graymatter. From there, I invited him to join my list of friends… in response my friendster account recorded that he only viewed my profile but did not accept my invitation. So I wrote him saying that I am a batchmate back in Medical Technology and hope that he will accept my invitation. Days later he did, but that is the only picture posted in that account so I still have a very scant update of how he looked now. The next incident of a closer encounter with him is a text message of his number from whose source I can no longer remember. From time to time then, I would announce the small MT90 get-together that I would organize. The first instance of an established SMS communication link with him was when he responded over the announcement of a get-together in Pampangga saying that he will be near the location and if opportunity allows he will be in the event. Unfortunately, he did not make it. After, the event, I made another SMS announcement of the write up of the outcome of the Pampangga and Subic Get-together entitled “Titanic Fidelity.” A day after that I received a message from him asking for Rick’s Pascual’s number. After that, I heard nothing from him again until this dog bite chapter in my life…


2:55PM, my cellphone beeped a message. There I read Rylan saying that he is already in the emergency department.


Part 4: Dr. Rylan Flores in Person


I went out of the lobby and slowly walked along the descending driveway. Upon entering the emergency department I asked some people seated at the bench where I can find the doctors… they pointed at a dark tinted glass door. So I put my hands to frame my face at the side and stick them too close to the glass. As I peered through I saw a tall long haired man speaking over the mobile phone giving a wave of acknowledgement to me. Hence, I opened the door and entered the airconditioned emergency room. Soon I am finally face to face with Dr. Rylan Flores.


Upon putting down his phone, I immediately took the chance to greet him. Then my vivaciousness immediately spring out a remark “Are you realy a doctor?” Such was my reaction because am totally flabbergast at the sight of a long haired doctor wearing a sport cotton shirt, a military green knee length pair of pants with pull strings at the hem and a pair of rubber shoes… an outfit you would see worn by hip-hop dancers. Apparently, Dr. Rylan Flores is not officially on duty that Sunday, but since he received calls from the hospitals for some patients he decided to go after dropping off his wife and daughter for some school activity. Lucky for me, had it not been for those patients, I will be left crying on the bench, under a tree of the East Ave. Hospital. After cordial “hello and how are you’, he immediately looked into the wounds. It was only then that I realized that the teeth despite the cellphone barrier had punctured a wound and started to bleed slightly. With this sight, Dr. Rylan confirmed the advices given me by Dr. Deang and Dr. Carmona that I have to be injected an anti-tetenus vaccine and take anti-biotics… but for the mean time a skin test must be performed. Soon, the attending nurse did a skin test on me while Rylan attended to some other patients. After several minutes, Rylan went back to me and started updating each other.


Rylan as he relayed attended his first medical course in UST, but on the third year he went to the United States. Upon coming back, the road along Aurora Blvd. is under construction for the Purple train and it takes two hours to get to UST from his place, hence he opted to attend the rest of his medical course in UERM. He then continued that he hardly opens his friendster accounts but more of his facebook account, that he get to read write ups of the get-together through his major e-mail account and not through the yahoo group site hence, he has was not able to view pictures posted in yahoo group… but yes, he was able to view pictures posted through links. Then he continued that he really wanted to join us in Pampanga but something prevented him and he was so happy to see Ric at the pictures I posted which incited him to asked for Ric’s number. From there, he was able to talk to Rick Pascual. After which it is time to update him of whereabouts of classmates and batch-mates am in touch with, until it is time for me to be given the anti-tetanus vaccine.


After the vaccine was injected, Rylan set out to the station to write the prescription, while the nurse handed out the bill to me. I noticed that Rylan did not charge me for his professional service. After I payed the cashier, I requested the nurse to have our picture taken so that the rest of MT90 will know how Rylan looks now. A shot was taken but am not happy with the picture outcome.


Nevertheless, I will have another chance of capturing his image when I get back to him for the filling out of form for my insurance accident claim. When all were settled, I thanked Rylan and bid my goodbye. Rylan in turn gave a fraternal comment of concern due to the fact that I am injured yet by myself on a public transportation going home. After a jeepney ride and two train rides, I made it home.

Part 5: Another Accident


After receiving a Physician Statement Form for my Accident Insurance Claim from PRu LIFE UK, I immediately texted Rylan for another appointment. Knowing that Dr. Sonny Guevarra is also holding his clinic in DLSH, I tried to bring them together for a get-together. Unluckily however, the schedule of Dr. Rylan starts three hours after Dr. Sonny’s clinic ended. So, I dropped the plan and opted for a more convenient follow-up meeting with Rylan which is at Borough Diagnostic Clinic in Eastwood.  It is only a walking distance from my client’s house.

So in that Clinic, I went up to see Dr. Flores. He went in the room this time in a white doctor’s long blazer and unshaved beard. He elicited the usual lively fun loving guy while I attempted to take another photo. Another accident occurred… luckily by mistake, my cellphone was set to video mode so, I captured a brief video of Rylan in action.

Rylan diligently filled up the form I handed out to him and insinuated his hope that a get-together in Manila be organized. I however, responded that it is going to be a tough job for me because it will be a bigger group… yet, I might give the St. Luke and the DLSH group a try. After a few more updates, Rylan handed out the form to me and we said our good byes.


Part 6: Opening the Window


Meeting Rylan in person is quite disorienting. I was expecting a bald tall dark snooty doctor. On the contrary, I met long haired, flawless and fair skinned towering doctor in a hip-hop aura. I would say he does not only look younger he also emits a very youthful energy. Someone you will associate with Gary Valenciano (well I don’t know if he sings and dance) or shall I say the Billy Crowford get-up with Arnel Pineda hair. Wine indeed become sweeter in time… eighteen years ago he is a guy whom I have stereotyped as an elite who will never associate with me…yet, at the most unexpected moment when all the two public servants had shut the doors on me, surprisingly private Rylan opened the window.

 dr.rylan flores

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4 Responses to “Private Rylan”

  1. lamyarda Says:

    Find more videos like this on University of Santo Tomas


  2. rylan flores Says:

    Hi!i finally got the chance to reading your blog, i’m elated!!! just a thought though, i didn’t see you because by chance i had patients to see on a sunday, had i read your text right away, you were reason enough. (btw, 1 year lang ako UST med, and i knew you na during college days, we just didn’t cross paths as often)


    • lamyarda Says:

      thanks for reading my blog… sorry for the mistakes over some information… will write the erratum in mt90… hehehe


  3. John Sto. Domingo Says:

    Hello Nova,

    Read your article about Dr. Rylan Flores. I just had a flashback when you wondered if he sings or dance.
    If you would go ahead and rent the movie Bagets w/ the young Aga Muhlach and the rest of the guys, you will find a singing and dancing Mr. Rylan Flores. Just thought you would like to know.

    John Sto Domingo


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