Sept. 13, 2008 MT90 Get-together

Part 4:Dark Confections

Tall dark and handsome remains to be the yummy factor that definitely makes ladies drool over.Chocolate, a handsome dark confection; giant of sweet creamy tastes would definitely water the mouth of even the most arid ones.So who would not want to wake up early on the day of myriad treats?

James, the birthday celebrant, thankful of the blessed years that had passed and the great possibilities that await him, attended the Holy Mass at 6:00 in the morning.I on the other hand despite my excitement, stayed in the room to replenish the energy lost due to yesterday’s lengthy travel and to catch up with the shortened sleep due to the roarings of giant nocturnal metal birds as they cross the sky.Yet an hour after, I got up and took a hefty breakfast, while James, takes pleasure playing with his cute little niece.After the morning meal, I tried my luck to amuse the lovely girl, but am no charm to this tiny tot for in haste did she turned her face away from me.Frustrated, I decided to wash up and get ready for the occasion.Momentarily, Dr. Ricky Deang texts me from time to time, asking for landline number of Liza, how many batch-mates coming and how many have already arrived.Then, after all has been set on my part, I went out to scan the function venue and started taking picture of the place.

The place is the Resident house of the Punzalan family.For security reasons, Liza’s siblings decided to live together within the compound of their parent’s property which gives the place a very homey atmosphere.Due to a very spacious yard, the neighboring catering business establishments have been using their lot for functions.With the growing demands, the Punzalan siblings decided to build a covered function facilities to accommodate events.Aside from the wide Function Hall, the Punzalan Reception Facilities are beautifully accessorized with a small circular pool that is framed within a beautifully landscaped garden and enchanted with a small lashing water fall. This area is perfect for picture taking.At the other end of the hall are two sets of restrooms that are spacious and clean in its interior (actually di ko naman nakita ang boys room—hehehe). Catering services may also be arranged for the brother of Liza is such a wonderful chef.

While waiting for the rest to come, James set up the mini-laptops on the table for a web-cast get-together.I on the other hand put my fingers to work again, inviting batch mates to be on line.A little later Dr. Ricky Deang once again texted that he cannot be around for lunch because he was called to the hospital for a CS case.Karl however send an SMS to James saying that he is already on the road.Then James decided to take a snap shot of the two of us in order toupload it in our e-group, so that the rest of the classmates will have an immediate view of what is going on despite the fact that they cannot be in Pampangga.Shortly afterwards, lunch is served and none of the batch mates has yet arrived.  But I could no longer pacify my grumbling stomach , startsng to threat in eating me inside out, so I said goodbye to my heroism and hello to all the food laid before me.There were five chafing dishes in a raw filled with great food that I did not bother to ask their names for the python inside me is already positioned for an attack, ready to gulp in whole its pray.Nonetheless there is a dish that needs no introduction for its superb taste is indeed recognizable and left a lasting impression in the cerebrum (diba duon ang memory cells?).After the python has had her fill, St. K arrived with a crescent lips and a pair of slit eyes.James and St. K had a wonderful hand shake and then St. K was immediately lead to the buffet table.I on the other hand remains on a look out for any batch mates who will get on line or at least who will send an SMS.While St. K is taking his meal, I got connected through unlimited call of SUN with Jacqueline Mariano. With James, Karl and me had a wonderful time teasing and kidding around.Sad thing my phone for SUN network does not have a loud speaker feature that would enable mobile conferencing.After Jack hanged up, James started to tell stories of his Luxury cruise ship work experiences.James story is quite entertaining that I don’t mind hearing it the second time.Had I been given the same chance as James, I would have created a book of such a wonederful work exposure.His work, despite a blue collar in its classification, is a type that enables him from time to time to get to the places where the rich and famous hover; use the first class hotel facilities; and get to eat the finest gastronomic meals…mind you all for free.But of course, this is only made possible by working 24/7 in the middle of the sea, far away from his family.Yet, it shouldn’t be missed that the Filipino Father  ingrained in his very fiber, from time to time, would render computer repair paid service to his colleagues (who buys high end computers of great features but only knows how to use it for games) in order to raise more funds for the family.Soon darkness starts to creep in the sky, so before the pool becomes engulfed with darkness, James had us pose beside the pool, sets the time of  camera shutter, and joined the group for a picture of Karl, James Liza and Me.Before evening came, Dr. Ricky Deang arrived.Karl motioned that he doesn’t know him so I briefed him that Dr. Ricky Deang is from section H, in family medicine, and has been making the MT90 e-group active with his forwarded messages (take no offense Ricky, with your forwarded messages it makes us know that you are still alive and kicking).Ricky exchanges handshake with us, joined the conversation and soon spiced it up with a few anecdotes of nurse trainees passing out…There is one who pulled out all the drapes along with her falling and another one who broke a surgeon’s/OB’s finger.Then St. K inserted some stories of ailments that comes with age, the education or college course trends,matriculation and tuition fees… etc. etc. etc… I opted to remain silent trying to savor everything.A little later JC Huang texted that she could no longer make it because her husband, Rick Pascual’s work ended late, but her Subic invitation remained open.Then early supper was served and all stood up to get to the buffet table…. James started taking photos again and so Karl, Ricky and I came out of the picture beside the buffet counter.As we move on with our chit chat over dinner, Ricky’s cellular phone beeped announcing that her youngest daughter is already asking to be picked up from a party in order to bring her home.So Ricky must bid his farewell.An hour later, Karl also has made his adieu and handed out his wine gift.While I stayed for another night, determined for a Subic appointment with the Huang-Pascual.Then when all of James’ guests have left we call it a day and went to bed looking forward to meeting JC the next day.

September 13, 2008 MT90 get-together is a chocolate box of true confections; Karl is indeed a chocolate coffee mint praline, a classic preparation ever so cool yet always provoking; Dr. Ricky Deang is a no additive dark chocolate candy rich in flavanols—a medically proven factor that is good for the health, a safe candy indulgence for kids, a nd a very accessible medication; James and Liza is a chocolate praline of coconut cream filling.James, like the coconut fruit can cross through the Pacific Ocean afloat without getting unscathed while Liza is like a cream that gives a delightful soft velvety feel.With this coconut cream filling your taste buds will be at home with its distinct tropical yet adventurous flavor.As for me, I leave the analogy to those who knew me and who read my work, because one cannot be a true judge of self.While the rest, yet remains as dark secrets.


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